Coding burns takes more information than you might realize! Most scenarios require these following key components to tell the details of the condition–site, severity, specificity, and extent. This session will help you utilize each of these elements to choose the right code. We’ll start with how a burn is defined, then how to determine the degree of the burn, how to utilize documentation to get the exact specificity required for appropriate reporting, and what conditions can be associated with burns. We’ll take the guesswork out of how to list the burn codes in order on the claim, along with how to code for any subsequent infections and burn sequelae. Confused on how to calculate the percentage of body affected by the burns? You’re not alone. This webinar will address just how this is calculated in a way that’s easy to remember–so that you can code burns with confidence!

Topics include:

  • Definition and degree of burns
  • Specificity in documentation of burns
  • Associated conditions
  • Sequelae

and more.

Attend this session to learn to:

  • Accurately determine the site, severity, specificity, and extent of burns through the documentation.
  • Correctly order the burn codes on the claim form.
  • Calculate affected body surface area percentages.

For questions email us: or call 877-976-6677. We are able to provide 1 CEU from AHIMA or AAPC for attending this complete session.

Be sure to note your toughest questions when you register for this session to be presented Thursday, July 122018, at noon Eastern (9:00 am Pacific). Cost for this session is $189. Annual subscribers of are not billed. Not sure if you are a subscriber? Register for the session and we’ll verify your status.

The handout for this session will be emailed to the address you used when registering for the session.

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