With over 30 million performed each year mammograms are one of the most commonly coded procedures we see in healthcare. Although there are only a few mammography codes, understanding how to choose the appropriate code can be frustrating.

In this session we will clear away that confusion to make coding for mammography services stress free.

Topics include:

  • Appropriate selection of CPT Codes and modifiers for Mammography Services
  • CMS Mammography Guidelines
  • Working with LCD’s and NCD’s and when to issue an ABN
  • When to report diagnostic versus screening
  • What is the difference in 3D and 2D when it comes to payment
  • Matching with the appropriate ICD-10-CM codes
  • Rules for reporting ordering versus finding diagnoses
  • Case Studies

and more.

For other questions email us: sales@aq-iq.com or call 877-976-6677

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For questions email us: sales@aq-iq.com
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