A Look Under the Microscope: Reporting Laboratory Services in CPT

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Get on Your Revenue Cycle and Let’s Roll

Webinar “Get on Your Revenue Cycle and Let’s Roll” Sept 25, 2018 beginning at Noon Eastern (9am Pacific)

On September 16, 2018, in Announcements, by AQ-IQ LLC

Healthy revenue is at the heart of any well-functioning health care entity; and whether you are in a facility or a physician’s office, healthy revenue is the life source that keeps us all afloat. The Revenue cycle and management of it includes everything from claims processing, payment, and revenue generation to patient registration and clinical […]

ICD-10 CM: Looking Forward to 2019

Revenue Cycle Short Circuits: Keeping the Flow

Breaking it Down - Fracture Care In CPT

Coding Under Pressure: Reporting Pressure Ulcer Care in CPT

Webinar “Breaking it Down – Fracture Care In CPT” begins at Noon August 16, 2018

On August 2, 2018, in Announcements, by AQ-IQ LLC

There are estimated between 10-20 million fractures reported every year in the United States. Most people will at some point in their lifetimes suffer a fracture, which means we are coding fractures and treatments for them multiple times on a daily basis. Can I report debridement with the fracture? When is it no longer considered […]